Monday, July 30, 2012


Instant messaging.

Message boards and forums.





When does too much become enough?

How many forms of online communication do we really need before we've reached Absolute Saturation?

How much can we convey to others without repeating ourselves?

What's the limit?

How far can we go before there's nothing before or behind us?

Do we really need to be the one with the most contacts or "friends" or "buddies" to the point where we get our own series on MVHE!TV1 or are ridiculed on Attack of the Show on G4?

Do we really need that many more opportunities to ignore others and be ignored ourselves?

What are the social obligations of having so many ways to contact people and share with them?

Are they even real forms of communication?

Is much of what we're sharing vital to true social interaction?

Is much of what we're sharing true social interaction?

Is much of what we're sharing even necessary?

When can we say we're finally validated?

When can we say everybody's responded to us?

How can we say anybody's responded?

Is anybody listening?