Saturday, September 24, 2011

You may have noticed something

I've removed the links to my novel But I Never Said I Didn't Love You because Aspen Mountain Press has failed me and my fellow authors. Contracts not being honored, books being sold when contracts have expired, statements not being sent with's just a mess right now. I've been screwed over since I've never received the signature page of my contract back with the publisher's signature on it, plus I'm missing four out of five royalty statements. Requests to send both have been ignored, so I've mailed a final request.

This is humiliating. It's my first book and while I couldn't have predicted such a predicament, it's embarrassing as all hell to have to go through it. Because of the actions of the publisher, I can no longer support the sales of my book and have stopped all promotion.

Further updates as they warrant.


  1. What a mess. {{hugs}} :( We'll get through this.

  2. Thanks, but unfortunately the spiral continues downward and the silence drags on.

  3. I just read about the whole mess today, and I'm SO SORRY you and other authors are going through this.

  4. Andy, I found your post through another blog. I wanted to offer my support, as inconsequential as it may be. As a fellow author who also just signed her first epub contract, I was terrified that I was making a mistake in signing with the publisher I did because of past stories like this. But you just really never know, do you? You have to pray you're not making that mistake. I am truly sorry this happened to you, especially when you're supposed to be celebrating the release of your book, and instead you've been thrust into the middle of a huge mess that will do doubt take months, if not years, to resolve. Keep your chin up, know that you, along with the other authors and editors wronged by AMP have the support of your peers. Most importantly, though, keep on writing!