Saturday, August 6, 2011

Of course, one similarity between RT Booklovers' Convention and the myriad science fiction conventions I've been to over the years is the books. Certainly one would expect that from a convention with the word "booklover" in its title, but I wasn't prepared for the sheer number I'd come across.

Not counting the 3 I bought from Barnes & Noble in the dealer room:

2 were in the registration tote I received when I checked in
2 were from the Faery Ball, books placed on the tables as favors
1 was from the vampire ball, books on the tables again
4 were in the Mystery Chix mixer goody bag
7 were in the awards ceremony swag bag (you had to wait until the end of the ceremony to receive yours)
9 from the goody bag room (everybody got a ticket good for one trip, for up to 9 free books of your choice)
1 I just found on a table outside the main ballroom where most of the evening events were held.

I had to make a trip out to Walgreens to find some packing boxes and tape to ship the books back home. UPS loved me long time for how much I dropped in shipping stuff to and from the convention.

Yeah, I promised myself I'd exercise self control but, I mean, jeez. Come on. FREE BOOKS. If I didn't take them, somebody else would have!

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