Tuesday, August 2, 2011

RT Booklovers' Convention vs. Real Life

I'd been to several science fiction conventions over the years, so when I decided to go to RT Booklovers' Convention, I thought I'd been sufficiently prepared.

I thought I had been.

The prep for other cons was nothing compared to what I had to do to get ready for RTCon. It was a whole new level, since I was going there with much more than myself to present. I had some extra promo postcards and refrigerator magnets featuring my book cover made, and I also brought the requisite treat for my space on Promo Row (coffee flavored candy. It disappeared by Saturday afternoon, so that was 4 pounds I didn't have to worry about hauling back [this, however, was offset by my book haul I brought home]). I had my costume for the Faery Ball, the wings needing to be shipped ahead because of the wire frame and my not wanting to get the TSA involved in...well...anything.

Conducting the Louisiana Purchase didn't require this much prep. I made Hannibal's famous trek through the Alps look like a Sunday afternoon at Lake Michigan.

Okay, I didn't bring that much stuff, but having to ship part of of it ahead and keep track of the rest of it traveling across the country through four airports makes me wonder.

And I only forgot my verboten liquids in my carry-on bag once.

Flash forward from April, to June. I'm rolling through my head what I brought with me for promo stuff and what I can do next year to improve it. The first thing I think of: BRING THE POSTCARDS THAT HAVE MY BOOK'S INFORMATION PRINTED ON THE BACK AND NOT THE ONES THAT ARE BLANK.


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  1. I read all about the events, and how fun they are, but hear about all the stuff that is packed back and forth to the events sounds like an awful lot of work...Thank you for sharing your experience and being part of the celebration...*S*


    pommawolf @hotmail.com

  2. Are you going to RT 2012? I hope so. I'd love to finally meet you and the other Fangsters in person!

  3. Oh YOU were the one with the coffee candy! LOL, I remember you. I took 2 lbs. off your hands (not really). I blogged about this same thing - preparing for RT was crazy and I learned what to do/not to do next year. It was fun though and I hope to see you there!

  4. Darcy: It was a TON of work, but the experience of getting to go to a convention as a semi-pro was worth it. I'll have more on my trip later.

    Grace: I'm seriously planning on it, especially since I hope to have at least one more book under my belt to promote.

    Valerie: I hope to see you, too. Meeting people was one of the best parts of the week, and I'd like to do more of it the next time I go.

  5. haha, I think postcards with the book's information printed on the back would come in handy :P I love postcards if a book has a beautiful cover :)